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Weed Puller Tool(🔥Big Sale-50% Off & Buy 3 Free Shipping)


Tackle the most persistent weeds in your garden without the aching back and dirty fingernails. 

Our weed claw tool has a better a grip to make sure that even the well-established roots of weeds are removed in one go.

Easy Use & Effective:Now stronger than ever! All you need to do is thrust the metal claw into the center of the weed and tilt the bamboo long handle to pry the weed out.
POINTED 5-CLAW DESIGN SUITABLE FOR DIFFERENT SOIL TYPES:The pointed claw is specially designed to make it easier to remove weeds no matter what kind of soil they grow on.
DURABLE AND LONG LASTING MATERIALS:This weed removing tool is made from durable steel that can withstand your weight.A long-lasting and durable steel gardening weeder that you can use for many years to come.


Product Weight
  • 370g
Package Size
(L x W )
  • 22 x 16 cm
Package Contents
  • Weed Puller Tool x 1 (without sticks)

Note:The package does not include wooden sticks.