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Ultimate Bug-Proof Adventure Hammock


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Dream of lounging in the sun or under the trees but the bugs won't leave you alone? Then you´ll definitely need the Delta Bug-Proof Hammock for your next adventure!

After researching and testing hundreds of anti-insect hammocks we've decided the Delta Bug-Proof Hammock is the best: the most comfortablelightweight and durable outdoors hammock!


We added an anti-insect premium mesh that easily zips around the hammock to give you 360° protection from pesky mosquitoes and other bugs. The mesh is made of nylon to make it strong and tear-proof, the mesh is even and fine to make sure that even the tiniest mosquitoes can't get in. The mosquito mesh can be easily removed so that you can use the hammock separately.


The Delta Hammock is made out of highest quality parachute cloth that is 100% sturdy & durable for years of camping. It can hold up to 2 people with an actual carrying capacity of 300kg (660 lbs). We made it breathable & non-sticky for your ultimate comfort - you won’t feel hot and suffocating inside because air can flow through the premium, soft fabric. Not to mention, there is also a mini storage bag inside for you to place your valuables. This is the perfect camping tool that will help you have a good night sleep under the stars.


With just 0.7kg (1.5) lbs of weight, this hammock is super lightweight and is super easy to take with you to your next outdoors trip! Just attach it to the trees and tie the strings of the net a little above and you are safe – no special tool needed!


Unlike regular camping tents that takes hours to assemble, this hammock tent is super quick to prepare - as fast as 3 minutes! It allows the camper to rest and do other things rather spending a long time building tents. Just find a tree that you could tie the hammock to and your good to go.