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SuperSocket & Ratchet Adapter Bundle


Color: Black

  • Black
  • Sliver
  • Purple
  • Golden
  • Red


This is one tool to unscrew ANY shape or size screw or bolt head.

The SuperSocket is an attachment for power drills and ratchet wrenches that instantly adjusts to grip hex nuts, hooks, eye and lag screws, bolt heads, and other various shape and size objects, especially broken or rusted nuts.


  • FIT FOR ANY CHALLENGE: Say goodbye to bulky tool-sets and wasted time on lost wrenches. The SuperSocket fits in your pocket and can be brought with you anywhere, making it the PERFECT GIFT for any industry. 


  • Car and Automotive Repair, Carpentry, Home Improvement, Construction Or just casual household tasks! Use the SuperSocket perfect on-the-go solution when you can't find the wrench you need.


  • Good quality and durable for daily use. Quick and easy to disassembly and assembly all kinds of screws, hooks, lag screws, and bolt heads etc. Self-adjusts to fit thousands of fasteners.

  • 1 x SuperSocket
  • 1 x Powertool Adapter
  • 1 x wrenches
Product specifications (for the experts):
- Minimum grip size: 7mm (1/4")

- Maximum grip size: 19 mm (3/4'')

- Maximum depth: 9.5 mm

- Outer Diameter: 25.4 mm

- Max torque: 150 ft.lbs.