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Soft Newborn Baby Sleeping Bag



Color: WHITE

  • BIUE
  • PINK
  • GARY
  • RED

Keeps your baby warm and cozy.
Provides the most comfortable sleeping environment.
Cute bear design with two legs for added freedom.

SleepyBear is the best buddy for your baby on cold! This baby sleep sack has a thick and soft cotton material that gives your baby warmth and comfort all through the night. 

Comfort Like No Other
This beautiful cotton baby sleep sack will be loved by your little ones – from baby to toddler and beyond. The materials are warm and lightweight plus it features a simplistic and easy design. It’s also soft and highly absorbent, and it is gentle against the baby's skin.

Picture Perfect Design
The baby sleep sack features a cute bear design for the cutest baby pictures ever! It has two ears, a fully adjustable body via velcro, and two generous feet pockets which allow room for kicking and growth.


Simple to Use: No complicated designs. No complicated buttons and laces. All you have to do is seal the baby swaddle with a velcro strap and you're done.

Suitable For Babies 0-9 Months Old: The SleepyBear baby sleep slack comes in three different sizes to best suit your baby's age

Safe Material: The baby swaddle is made from cotton that won't harm your baby's sensitive skin


Material: Fleece + cotton

Suitable age: 0-9 months


  • 0-3 months: Length 62cm Width 78cm (Expand both sides)
  • 3-6 months: Length 70cm Width 84cm (Expand both sides)
  • 6-9 months: Length 78cm Width 90cm (Expand both sides)
Weight: about 0.24-0.34kg