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Floating Ball Shooting Game


Level-up your party game!

The holidays are coming! Are you looking for?new ways to entertain your guests??

Reach out to the most?enjoyable shooting game?that even your grandparents can play!

Exciting shooting experience

  • You can?adjust the level of airflow?based on the level of your gaming
  • Glows in the dark and illuminates neon green colored light
  • Intensify your gaming experience?with the help of the built-in speakers

Improve your shooting skills

  • Boosts your?hand-eye coordination
  • Great practice for?perfecting your shooting skills
  • Allows you to have better focus by shooting floating balls

Enjoyable and challenging

  • Fun to play at parties and gatherings?with family and friends
  • Gives you an opportunity to?show off your great shooting skills?by challenging your friends to play with you
  • Players of all ages will certainly enjoy this type of game because it is?interactive and safe


  • Dimension:33.6 x 28 x 9.8 cm
  • Weight: 739g


  • 1 x Air Blowing Base
  • 3 x Soft Darts
  • 10 x Floating Balls
  • 1 x Shooting Gun